The Designer: Eddie Sauernman

I started building Pitts at fourteen years old. My first Pitts flight was at 17 years old. With no previous Pitts time, strapped in the S1 I started flying it two to three hours a day. I had over 1,000 hours in the Pitts Specials before I was 20 years old. 


I flew at airshows with Jimmy Franklin, Steve Franklin, Duane Cole, Marion Cole, Harold Newman, and more when I was at eighteen years old. I also started flying formula ones at 18 years old... Those were some great times in the USA... Read more

The Engineer: Colin Hale

Colin is a commercial pilot who also runs his own aviation maintenance company. Colin is licensed with the European and UK authorities to release to service all types and makes of general aviation aircraft, including homebuilt aircraft and gliders. Growing up in the pit lane, he watched his father and his father’s friends race ‘Thundersport’ saloon cars, which they had designed and built themselves. This background gave Colin the base in life to redesign and build his own aircraft, which he has successfully flown around the world... Read More

The Pilot: Richard Goodwin

Richard has been flying for the last 33 years and started his aviation career flying in the RAF Flying the Tornado GR1 in a low level ground attack role.


Flying is in my family's DNA. My father Ken flew fast jets in the RAF and he was famous for his Hunter and Lightning aerobatic displays. Having thrown the gauntlet down I picked it up... Read More

Aeronautical Engineer, Model Display Pilot: John Wighton 

An aeromodeller from age 8, flying RC since 1972, he is currently a BMFA Examiner and a member of Colchester MAC.  John has been a national category competition winner and now flies pattern (aerobatics), scale, rotary-wing, gliders and experiments with hybrid aircraft concepts.  


John's day job is an aeronautical engineer, he was an undergraduate apprentice at BAe starting his career as a stress engineer in 1984.... Read More