"If you ever get the chance to see Rich Goodwin's display, make sure you do it. He is INCREDIBLE”. 

(Carol Vorderman)

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Get ready to hold on to your stomachs… as Rich Goodwin is back with his new Muscle Biplane appropriately named the Jet Pitts. G-JPIT

Flex those muscles!

The Jet Pitts is an evolution of the iconic Pitts S2S, G-EWIZ and Rich has spent the last 4 years building a brand new unique wing design to add to the list of modifications already proven in its predecessor.

Why the ‘Jet’ Pitts?  This Muscle Biplane has been future proofed and modified structurally to have two LYNX jet turbine engines mounted on the fuselage sides. This will ultimately give a better than 1:1 power to weight ratio.  It’s all continuous development and work in progress, taking STEM aviation into new realms for such an aircraft.


For the moment the Jet Pitts benefits from a new design of Blade Wing by Eddie Saurenman, giving enhanced roll rate and an increased 330hp from a new engine design from British Formula One designer, Andrew Higgs.


All this development has produced the Ultimate Biplane for aerial entertainment. Lookout for Richard’s signature Muscle Biplane manoeuvres, especially the double-hammerheads, the amazing ‘Tower of Power’, hovering like a Harrier, torque rolls and high-alpha knife-edge fly pasts…to name but a few!

The biplane gets its strength from the box-like structure of the wooden wings – the top and bottom are connected by diagonal steel wires giving it structural rigidity. With a flying weight of 700kg and top speed of over 200 mph Rich can pull + 6g and -6g!

The continued development of the Jet Pitts is supported by the Sabio Group, which includes Anana, Sabio, DVELP, flexAnswer and Coverage Group; delivering solutions and services that seamlessly combine digital and human interactions to support outstanding customer experiences. Sabio group are committed to supporting STEM and pushing the boundaries, taking customer experience to new heights.

Together they hope to inspire the younger generation into science and technology.

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