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G-EWIZ is one of only 30 Pitts S2S ever built from a kit of parts in Australia in 1982.Most were certified production Aircraft, but a few, including G-EWIZ were home built from factory kits.

G-EWIZ is powered by six cylinder, 8.5 litre engine, producing over 300HP. It has a flying weight of 700 Kg, a top speed of over 200 mph and capable of pulling plus 6 g and minus 5g.

Spot some of the changes over the years. 'G-EWIZ' wearing its spectacular colour scheme based on the Union Jack.

The iconic paint  scheme have was designed especially for Rich by Mirco Pecorari of Aircraft Studio Design. 

Over the last 8 years  G-EWIZ has been continually modified and improved. We practice and  display in the Summer months, improve and maintain over the winter. The Gallery below shows the transformation prices over the years.

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