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High Energy Muscle Biplane Aerobatics.
Powerful and Dynamic Aerial Entertainment for Airshows and Private Displays

The original Pitts Special was designed by Curtis Pitts and first flew in 1945. The muscle Biplanes are based on the S2 designed in the 1960’s for competition Aerobatics.

They have become iconic aerial entertainers  with many incremental improvements and modifications added over the years.

These Biplanes have evolved over the years to be amazing  arial entertainer at Air Shows around the world.  

The biplane gets its strength from the box like structure of  the top and bottom wings connected by diagonal steel wires to give it rigidity.  

Richard is passionate about building, developing and displaying the Pitts Biplanes. G-EWIZ and G-JPIT have  been modified specifically for aerial entertainment at air shows. Hot Rod Biplanes. Bigger engines, better control surfaces and enormous smoke systems.

All this gives them them enhanced aerobatic capability to fly many  unique manoeuvres such as the Double Hammer Head (or Pin wheel) Tower of Power, (Torque roll and backwards flight) and High Alpha Knife edge Flight. 

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