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Colin Hales is a 46 year old commercial pilot who also runs his own aviation maintenance company. Colin is licensed with the European and UK authorities to release to service all types and makes of general aviation aircraft, including homebuilt aircraft and gliders. Growing up in the pit lane, he watched his father and his father’s friends race ‘Thundersport’ saloon cars, which they had designed and built themselves. This background gave Colin the base in life to redesign and build his own aircraft, which he has successfully flown around the world.


Never being content with a normal 9 to 5 day as a licensed mechanic, working on General Aviation aircraft, he has always looked to push engineering boundaries. This has led to work on famous vintage aircraft, right through to leading edge composite race craft. When approached by Richard to inspect and sign the Muscle Biplane as airworthy, he jumped at the opportunity to join the team. Knowing of Richard’s intentions to redesign and modify the Pitts with Jet Engines, push more boundaries and hopefully create one of the most capable Aerobatic Biplanes in the UK and Europe, it was an opportunity not to be missed.

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