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Rich Goodwin is an ex-RAF Tornado and commercial Boeing 767 pilot who has competed with the British Aerobatic Association. He owns two highly modified Pitts Special stunt planes, flying stunning aerobatic displays at airshows and events throughout the UK and Europe. Based at Gloucestershire Airport he also focuses on innovation and STEM within aviation to inspire the next generation. He's known as the pilot that draws smiles in the sky, gaining national media coverage for his efforts!

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Testing Jet Pitts

Testing Jet Pitts

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Jett Pitts Clips form 2024

Jett Pitts Clips form 2024

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For Immediate Release

19 April 2024


Aerobytes Confirm Sponsorship of Rich Goodwin Airshows  

GLOUCESTER: Popular Aerobatic Display team, Rich Goodwin Airshows, can now confirm that Aerobytes, a world leading Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) company will be their headline sponsor for the 2024 Airshow Season.

Rich, an ex-RAF Tornado and commercial pilot, wows crowds throughout the UK and Europe with his unique style of flying where high energy gyroscopic forces blend with aerobatic manoeuvres to produce an exciting dynamic routine.   

He flies two aircraft, G-EWIZ, a modified muscle biplane and a recent edition to the fleet; G-JPIT - the Jet Pitts muscle biplane - a unique aircraft, and one of a kind. It has been modified structurally to have two LYNX jet turbine engines mounted on the fuselage sides – a first for such an aircraft and means it can hover like a Harrier! 

This unique innovation turns heads at every airshow because nobody in the audience expects a small, propeller-driven aircraft to suddenly ‘let rip’ with jet noise and accelerate vertically.  Once those jets power up, all heads are pointing in only one direction!

But it is the story behind those jet engines that has attracted Aerobytes to sponsor Rich Goodwin Airshows, as well as the shared ambition to inspire and excite the next generation in aviation and the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Eddie Forrester, MD of Aerobytes commented; “What Rich has achieved with both of his superb, home-built aircraft is an inspiration to future engineers and pilots.  You don’t know what the limit is on ‘possible’ until you witness somebody having passed it!  If only a handful of would-be pilots or engineers have that creative fire lit in them as a result of seeing Rich then our investment will be repaid a hundred times over.”

Aerobytes was established in 2001, supplies flight-safety software globally and has directly supported the UK air-display industry since 2007 when it started sponsoring the much-loved and missed Vulcan XH558.  Subsequently, Aerobytes sponsored several air-shows, was title sponsor for The Blades Aerobatic Team, The Blades Air Race Team and is now title sponsor for the disabled flying charity Aerobility.

Rich Goodwin commented, “It’s great that Eddie and Aerobytes are sponsoring us this year, and I really understand the importance of their FDM product having spent the last 26 years being monitored by it on the flightdeck of the Boeing 757. It delivers ever increasing flight safety and risk mitigation to the commercial Aviation sector.”   

The 2024 season is looking to be the busiest yet for Rich Goodwin Airshows with numerous displays around the UK as well as France, Belgium and Poland.

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