Rich Gibraltar
G-JPIT by Greg Paino
GEWIZ and Jaguar by John Baldry
Anana Biplane May 17
GEWIZ racing car
Anana Biplane 'August'
Anana Biplane 2016-10-10
Anana & Rich Goodwin
Anana Biplane

High Energy Muscle Biplane Aerobatics.

Powerful and Dynamic Aerial Entertainment.

The Ultimate Biplane for

Air Show Entertainment


High energy gyroscopic forces have been combined with aerobatic manoeuvres to produce a very dynamic routine.


The powerful MT prop and 6 cylinder 9 litre lycoming take this air show routine to another level. Read More


See the Muscle Biplane performance for yourself on our YouTube Channel

About Anana, RGA Sponsor

Anana delivers advanced customer experience technology and direction, and is a proud sponsor of Rich Goodwin Airshows. Anana solutions allow modern enterprises and businesses to engage, communicate, respond and alert their customers across all channels at any time. By managing and combining the operation of phone, web, mobile, e-commerce, retail customer engagement and the back-office, Anana streamline efficiency whilst optimising customer experience. Contact Siobhan Doherty on for more information.

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