• Donna

GEWIZ look at these T's

We're delighted to receive and show you the first of our 2016 Season T-Shirts!

We'll be gearing up the site to take online orders soon (and get some modelled could be you!) but to get these airborne, we'll be introducing them at Yeovilton Air Day this weekend and taking pre-orders at £12.50 cash show special! Simply come and see us by our sister aircraft G-EFIZ, also a muscle biplane, and speak to our wonderful Greg.

Available in red, white or blue and any size, these t-shirts have the caricature of G-EWIZ and ex-RAF Tornado Pilot Rich Goodwin, brilliantly captured and produced by Sylvain of

T-Shirts will be manufactured by the forever supportive Barney at Three County Signs, who is also in charge of mounting the livery on G-EWIZ, and expertly designed by Aircraft Studio Designs.

We hope you'll agree, that these t-shirts capture the fun and colourful aerobatic display by Rich.

@RichgoodwinS2S #GEWIZ