• Donna

Airshow Season T-4weeks!

With just 4 weeks to go before the 2019 Airshow Season takes off at Abingdon Air & Country Show, Rich Goodwin and Anana are doing all they can to be prepared for another sky high season with G-EWIZ; bringing the ultimate #CX to the skies in the UK and Europe! Keep an eye on our Airshows page for when and where you can see us! Winter and Spring has seen maintenance and work on not just one Pitts Special but two as the build for the first ever Jet Pitts continues. More updates on this new aerobatic beast over the coming weeks.

Richard would like to take this opportunity before it all gets a little crazy to... 'thank everyone who supports me and the UK airshow industry. Please go along to a show this year if you can. It really is a pleasure to display for you and it's great to meet you when I can. My sponsor, Anana, truly are a great company to work with and a lot of this wouldn't be possible without their shared visions and enthusiasm, thank you. To my family for putting up with aircraft parts on doorsteps and dining tables, friends who work with me in cold hangars for long days over the winter months and all the companies who supply so many various components and parts...thank you!'

See you all soon!

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