• Donna

G-EWIZ! Airshow Season is finally here!

In light of the airshow season kicking off this weekend with the 1st of many, Abingdon Air & Country Show (Sunday 6th May), Rich Goodwin gives us all a taste of what he's bringing to the season in this energetic video!

This footage could also give you a hint to something special happening at Abingdon Air & Country'll want those cameras ready!

Airshows rely on your support and therefore many charities that benefit from them too; so please pay a visit to at least one this season if you can and help inspire the next generation of aviation engineers!

Please keep an eye on our website for dates throughout the summer where you can catch Rich Goodwin perform his amazing aerobatics in his heavily self modified and engineered Pitts special S2S - you need to see what this one can do as the next one is being built with Jet Engines!

Anana Ltd supports Rich Goodwin Airshows and pride themselves on excellent customer experience #CX so we hope you'll agree - its a perfect partnership!

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