• Donna

Engineer on solo KR2 World Tour makes forced landing

We're saddened to hear that Colin Hales, our Engineer has had to make a forced landing when departing Japan on his solo KR2 world tour.

Reportedly Colin is in hospital after sustaining injuries to his back and a Just Giving donations page has been set up to help him pay for medical costs; Colin originally refused medical assistance in fear of these costs.

'Colin is a true inspiration to the world of General Aviation, and aviators are in credit to him with his work in planning his world tour and pushing boundaries and opening doors to international general aviation for all pilots,' says Rich Goodwin.

'He has flown to airfields that have never met an Englishman, making good contacts and friendships for future adventurous pilots.'

'Itzy', as Colin's KR2 is fondly known, has been a passion in Colin's life for many years, during her build and maiden flight from Oxfordshire, England to commencing the world tour and getting as far as Japan, on the homeward stretch.

Colin's story is fascinating and for us to try and tell it here, we wouldn't do it justice. We encourage everyone to visit his Facebook page KR2 Worldtour and read some of his updates; the journey hasn't been easy and his perseverance has been phenomenal.

Please help us get our Engineer home, share this news, and please donate what you can, if you can.