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Hot Air Balloons in extreme knife-edge aerobatic feat

The first ever attempt to perform a knife-edge manoeuvre between the tethered Anana and Taittinger hot-air balloons took place recently at Gloucestershire Airport.

G-EWIX, our Pitts Special biplane has been specially modified, enhancing its capabilities to allow ex-RAF Tornado and successful stunt pilot, Rich Goodwin to perform unique and extraordinary aerobatics. Anana bought their hot air balloon back in 2013 which is operated by Bailey Balloons. It had its maiden flight high above the

snow-capped Swiss Alps.

Both intent on pushing boundaries in the world of engineering in both hardware and software, Anana and Rich also have a shared passion reaching new heights in the aviation world. This amazing feat was achieved by Rich putting his Pitts Special aircraft, commonly known as his ‘muscle biplane’, into a knife-edge manoeuvre where the aircraft tips to a right angle position with the wing tips flying parallel to the ground and flying between the two tethered balloons.

The balloons took off and Rich flew between them, in a knife edge position, and cut a ribbon stretched between the two balloons.He then performed aerobatic loops in close proximity around the Anana balloon, looping around the side, on the aircraft’s edge, and also over the top and underneath the balloon.

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Rich goes on to say,

“Airshows and Barnstorming are a very important part of our aviation heritage and it is important to keep those dreams and aspirations alive in our younger generation.

We appreciate the innovative support of Anana Ltd in the making and delivery of this short film. Enjoy!”

Great team work, innovative and hopefully encouraging others into STEM Aviation! Thank you.

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