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Rich Goodwin Airshows to build and fly a unique Jet powered Pitts S2S designed by Eddie Saurenman

Rich Goodwin Airshows are aiming to set new heights in the UK aviation community by teaming up with

Saurenman Aero Works, who are designing a new, UK first, Jet Pitts S2S.

The idea is simple, a Muscle Biplane with 3xTJ 100 Jets from PBS, mounted on the bottom. Eddie,

designer of the Waco Jet Biplane in the USA, will be a key partner in the project, bringing what will be a

unique act to the UK and European Airshow circuit.

Richard Goodwin, ex RAF Tornado Pilot and builder of the Muscle Biplane G-EWIZ, is well known for

his unique style of power aerobatic displays. Richard has become a much loved display act at many air

shows in the UK and afar.

Designer and Pilot Eddie, “I started building my first Pitts at fourteen years old. Test flew it at 17, then

airshows from 18. I’ve been designing, building and modifying, aerobatic aircraft for the last 30 years and

looking forward to working with Rich to bring a very special Jet Pitts to the UK airshow circuit. We hope it

will inspire others into an industry that has given us so much”.

The Jet Pitt S2S will be built by Richard and once completed, will be either flown under the LAA certification

process, or the CAA’s new experimental conditions and the hope is soon after, to see it display at air

shows and events across the UK and internationally.

Rich Goodwin says, “I’m very excited to have Eddie designing and working on such a unique development

of the Pitts. I hope it will push the UK’s aviation industry in to new air space and encourage others

to design, build and develop jet homebuilt aircraft here in the UK. The addition of 3 jet engines will give

the aircraft two sources of propulsion and a unique and enhanced aerobatic capability, to bring a new

and dynamic form of aerial entertainment at airshows throughout UK, Europe and beyond.

The wings for the new aircraft are approaching completion and we are aiming to test fly the new airframe

in early 2017. The TJ100’s are a bolt on pack so the aircraft can be flown in either configuration. We have

already had commitments of support form key manufacturers, however, the cost of the Jets isn’t cheap.

We are currently seeking a sponsor(s) and are actively seeking funds through various routes to help get

the Jet Pitt S2S airborne”.

One of those routes is to win £20,000 in a competition run by Cointreau. The competition is looking for an

act that has a Dream, is Daring, and Creative. We’re sure you’ll agree, Rich Goodwin Airshows’ displays

and the new potential with added Jets, ticks all of those boxes. To help the team win some vital funds,

please simply click on the following link, vote and share with friends!

Cointreau Competition: #DreamDareCreate

For more information or to discuss potential sponsorship/funding opportunities, please email:

Twitter: @RichGoodwinS2S

Facebook: /RichGoodwinAirshows

Saurenman Aero Works