Jet Pitts S2S: The Project

Our Mission:

To design, build and fly an Airshow aircraft with two sources of propulsion to give unique and enhanced Aerobatic capability bringing a new and dynamic form of Aerial Entertainment at Airshows throughout UK, Europe and beyond. The design and build is well developed and the new aircraft, G-JPIT was successfully test flown in 2019. Further development and testing will then continue with added propulsion from the two LYNX jet engines designed by AMT.

Build progress can be followed on our Facebook page.

Anana Ltd are a cutting edge software company committed to supporting STEM and pushing the boundaries taking customer experience to new heights.

Eddie of Saurenman Aero Works (SAW Custom Aero) who is the designer of the unique Jet Waco has agreed to deliver the necessary design and modification engineering for the relevant authorities.

John Wighton from Acroflight will be designing the containment Nacelles in order to comply with CS/FAR 23 regulation using jet turbines on aircraft.

Rich Goodwin Airshows, Advanced Miniature Turbine, ANANA Ltd, Saurenman Aero Works and Acroflight are working together to design and build The Jet Pitts S2S.

The Aircraft


The Jet Pitts is an evolution of the Pitts S2S to enhance the performance and entertain at Airshows.

The stock airframe will be modified structurally to have two LYNX Jet engines mounted on the fuselage sides giving substantially more thrust. Overall power to weight ratio will give the aircraft better than 1:1 power to weight ratio, enabling a new and unique style of display at Airshows.


Piston Engine:

  • ‪Normally aspirated Lycoming AEIO 540 D4A5 producing approximately 1000 lbs thrust

  • ‪Airflow performance Fuel Injection. Skydynamics Cold Air Sump. Dual Oil Coolers, Lightspeed Electronic ignition. Fitted with JPI Instrument’s data logger. This will turn MT Propeller’s ultimate wide chord Aerobatic blades. MTV-9-C/C203-25.


Regulation and Approval.

The main Airframe is a refined design similar to the modified Pitts S2S G-EWIZ . There will be subtle cosmetic and structural changes necessary in order to carry the two AMT LYNX engines. The aircraft is built and will be flying the 2020 airshow season. the aircraft is currently undergoing ground testing with the AMT jet turbine fitted. John Wighton from Acroflight is working on Containment Nacelles and compliance for the LAA.  Once we are ready to test fly with the jets, testing will be carried out under the LAA Permit to fly system. 


Jet Engines


The Lynx is a "spin-off" of the AMT-NL Nike design and has been constructed from a single radial compressor and axial flow turbine stage. The engine owns its excellent performance and superb power to weight ratio to a new diffuser stage.

This revolutionary type of diffuser also allows the relative small engine diameter.