The Muscle Biplane Pitts S2S G-EWIZ


The original Pitts was designed by Curtis Pitts and first flew in 1945. G-EWIZ is a Pitts S2S, one of only 30 aircraft ever built.  Most were certified production Aircraft, but a few, including G-EWIZ were home built from factory kits.


The Pitts S2S was purpose designed in the 1960’s for competition and Air Show Aerobatics.  


G-EWIZ is powered by six cylinder, 8.5 litre engine, producing over 300HP. It has a flying weight of 700 Kg, a top speed of over 200 mph and capable of pulling plus 6 g and minus 5g.


The biplane gets its strength from the box like structure of the wings with the top and bottom wings connected by diagonal steel wires to give it rigidity.  


Richard is passionate about building and flying Biplanes and G-EWIZ has been modified specifically for aerial entertainment at air shows.  


Modifications include new titanium landing gear, new shaped cowling, Skydynamics cold induction system, and an Airflow Performance fuel injection and smoke system.  


Richard is also in the process of building new revolutionary Blade Wings, designed by Eddie which will be used on the new Jet Pitts. They are an ultimate wing for the Pitts and will give a much improved roll rate.  


Richard does all of the work on the aircraft and the modification programme has given this Biplane enhanced aerobatic capability with many unique manoeuvres such as the Double Hammer Head (or Pin wheel) Tower of Power, (Torque roll and backwards flight) and High Alpha Knife edge Flight. These are just some of the manoeuvres only possible with this highly modified Iconic Biplane.


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Rich will continue to display with his Muscle Biplane 'G-EWIZ' wearing its spectacular colour scheme based on the Union Jack; fitting for a man who served in the Royal Air Force as a Tornado GR1 ground attack pilot and flew in combat. 


The scheme was designed especially for Rich by Mirco Pecorari of Aircraft Studio Design. Mirco has also designed the scheme for the new Jet Pitts S2S.

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