If you ever get the chance to see @RichgoodwinS2S display, make sure you do it. He is INCREDIBLE”. 

(Carol Vorderman)

Sep 16, 2019

UK Airshow Season 2019

What felt like a slow start to the season this year with work also carrying on from Winter with the World's First Jet Pitts; our UK Airshow Season is now sadly at an end for 2019. 

We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us, and airshows across the UK, Ireland, Gibraltar and Jersey. A tremendous amount of effort goes into planning such events and it's been a great summer - thank you! To you, the Public, guests at events, thank you for your amazing photos and comments online, it's very encouraging and supporting to know we're getting the Customer Experience right!

And that brings us on to our amazing sponsor, Anana Ltd, who are still, as ever, fun to work with and encouraging on pushing STEM boundaries to new heights. Thank you.

We'll write more over the coming weeks of our Summer shows, but for now, we're straight back in the Hangar working on the Jets of the Jet Pitts!

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Upcoming 2019 Air Show Appearances:

Airshow Display Info

This year Rich Goodwin will continue to be busy in his highly modified Pitts Special S2S, ‘The Muscle Biplane’


Rich Goodwin performs high energy aerobatic manoeuvres at events across Great Britain Ireland and Europe, in his highly-modified Pitts Special S2S, his ‘Muscle Biplane’.

About Anana, RGA Sponsor

Anana delivers advanced customer experience technology and direction, and is a proud sponsor of Rich Goodwin Airshows. Anana solutions allow modern enterprises and businesses to engage, communicate, respond and alert their customers across all channels at any time. By managing and combining the operation of phone, web, mobile, e-commerce, retail customer engagement and the back-office, Anana streamline efficiency whilst optimising customer experience. Contact Siobhan Doherty on enquiries@anana.com for more information. www.anana.com


‘The Muscle Biplane’, started life as a Pitts but don’t be under any illusions – this is not an aircraft you can buy off the shelf. The aircraft’s extensive modification programme has given this biplane enhanced capabilities which allow Rich to perform a unique and extraordinary brand of aerobatics.


Richard, an ex-RAF Tornado pilot now flies for a commercial airline but when he’s not at work, he’s either maintaining his current Pitts S2S Special, fondly known as G-EWIZ or building the new Jet Pitts.


The heart of the aircraft is a six cylinder 8.5 ltr Lycoming  0540 Engine, modified to produce 300hp and turning the latest MT Aerobatic Prop.


The standard Pitts’ landing gear has been removed and the engine mount modified to take Titanium sprung gear legs and there’s a new shape carbon cowling that reduces weight and profile drag. In addition to the enlarged rudder, this year Rich will be flying a newly approved elevator designed by Eddie Saurenman providing better pitch control for those hovering passes and tumbles.


All that, and more, means that Rich’s Muscle Biplane can perform double-hammerheads, high-alpha knife-edge flypasts and the amazing ‘Tower of Power’ to complete torque rolls whilst flying backwards through his own smoke.

GEWIZ artwork
Rich Gibraltar.jpg

During these last winter months Rich has continued the build of the next Airshow Pitts, G-JPIT, with a new wing designed by Eddie Saureman, and fitted with two additional Turbojets! A World's first. This will give the aircraft more total thrust than weight and bring another dimension of aerial entertainment to the airshow circuit in Europe.


Bristol based software company, Anana Ltd; who are continually looking for innovative ways to engage with their customers and enhance customer experience, also continue to sponsor Rich for another exciting airshow season. Last year saw high ribbon cuts with hot air balloons and races with vintage cars…what’s in store for 2019?! #G-JPIT


They both share the same passion for innovation and Anana continue to support Rich in delivering future aviation developments; including this build of a second Muscle Biplane, a Jet Pitts, fitted with the aforementioned additional two turbojets! One to watch out for over the next few years!


Together they hope to inspire the younger generation into science and technology.

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Thank you